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A Microsurgery Solution To Hair Loss

Posted by DHI New Zealand on Dec 13, 2018 1:41:57 PM

DHI Microsurgery Solution To Hair LossIn a similar way to when keyhole surgery was developed to offer patients a less invasive option and reduce recovery time, the microsurgery version of FUE is what now sets the benchmark for hair transplants. 

The DHI, or Direct Hair Implantation microsurgery Auckland hair transplant technique offers patients a comfortable procedure with minimal recovery time and 100% natural results as explained in detail below. 



Anyone who has considered hair restoration or hairline redesign is likely to be familiar with the term FUE, or follicular unit extraction - the process of extracting hair follicles from the scalp by way of a punch, to then be used to correct areas of the scalp suffering from hair loss or baldness. Extraction can either be manual or motorised, with the manual technique causing less trauma to the scalp. DHI microsurgery is considered the most delicate hair transplant technique and offers the following advantages over traditional FUE:


Minimised recovery time

Many people only get 4 weeks of holiday a year, and most don’t want to waste 2 weeks or more of that time recovering from a hair restoration procedure. The DHI technique is a minimally invasive technique due to the specialised tools and highly tested and refined processes and practices. Some patients choose to have their hair transplant procedure on a Thursday or Friday and are back at work the next week.


Undetectable signs of a procedure

Signs of having a hair transplant are undetectable from approximately one week post procedure. The DHI technique uses patented tools for extraction and implantation that are less than 1mm in diameter, meaning no scarring and no orange-peel effect where the follicles have been implanted, just completely natural looking results.


100% natural results – guaranteed

The highly skilled doctor, using fine, specialised tools, allows for each follicle to be implanted precisely at the right depth, angle and direction to suit the surrounding hair, or the way in which your hair would naturally grow. DHI are the only clinic in New Zealand to guarantee 100% natural results.


DHI certified doctor

DHI hair transplant procedures are completed from start to finish by a DHI certified doctor. DHI doctors are certified through the London Hair Restoration Academy and complete on-going training.


Industry leading survival rate

DHI are the only clinics in New Zealand that use HypothermosolTM solution as part of their procedure. This preservative solution is commonly used in organ transplants and sustains the survival rate of the hairs up to 100%. Minimum handling of the follicles also results in a high survival rate, meaning less donor hairs are required to achieve the desired result.


Book Your DHI Microsurgery Consultation

The first step in your hair restoration journey is to book a consultation with a DHI hair restoration expert in Auckland or by Skype if you live outside of Auckland. During your private consultation, you will receive a correct diagnosis for your hair loss and the opportunity to discuss the various treatment options, customised to your particular condition.

To book an appointment for your hair loss diagnosis, simply click on one of the buttons below to book a consultation online now or ask a question. Alternatively, you can call DHI New Zealand on (09) 887 4474.

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